Online Chemistry Class 11th

Chemistry is the science of surrounding substances and phenomena. The Educators India conduct Online Chemistry Class 11th. Join our classes today and delve deeper into the universe and the life of one’s organism.

Our Chemistry Classes Are Helpful For Students

With The Educators India, chemistry classes are always pleasant and stress-free. All our chemistry teachers are experienced and have several years of experience in teaching chemistry. Attend our online classes regularly to study the basic chemical laws, definitions, and terms. Our teachers explain complex things in simple ways, which allows you fully understand the subject matter, realize the essence of each concept, and subsequent lessons will become much more manageable.

We help You Understand Atom Structure- The Foundation Of Chemistry

Our Online Chemistry Class 11th help you understand the atomic structure of all substances very well. Moreover, it will help you understand the meaning of chemical equations quickly . Live teaching from the comfort of your home.


Purpose : – To Make a strong foundation of Chemistry Understanding and Application. To Clear Concepts thoroughly and develop interest in Chemistry so as to score Higher Marks. To Guide Entrance Students separately (2hrs. Per Week ) to prepare and achieve their goal.

Points :- Revision Test /Full Syllabus test after completing Syllabus.

  • Course Duration Approx.
  • 8- 9 Month Classes Duration. Motivation Class / Guideence to Write Board / Entrance Exam and bear Strees. Clearing Basic Concepts and Develop interest in Chemistry.
  • School Basic / Entrance Based Teaching Separately .
  • Study Material cum work – book for every chapter. Test / Quiz every alternate week.
  • Basic up class if needed to understand some concept.


  • Fully practical & industry relevant study.
  • Regular classes by Expert faculty.
  • Easy to read course material.
  • Online Assessment.
  • Online Mock Test & Speed Test.
  • PG Facility Available.
  • Personality Development Program.
  • Regular-MOCK TESTS, Weekly Tests.

Mover Command Over “Concepts”

If your concepts are clear, chemistry is an easy subject for you. While conducting Online Chemistry Class 11th, our teachers teach all topics in a proper sequence. So, you have a better understanding of the Periodic system of elements, chemical bonds, electrolytes, Mass action law, different types of chemical reactions, etc.

Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry

  • Chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  • Chapter 2 Structure of The Atom
  • Chapter 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  • Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • Chapter 5 States of Matter
  • Chapter 6 Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 7 Equilibrium
  • Chapter 8 Redox Reactions
  • Chapter 9 Hydrogen
  • Chapter 10 The sBlock Elements
  • Chapter 11 The pBlock Elements
  • Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques
  • Chapter 13 Hydrocarbons
  • Chapter 14 Environmental Chemistry

Join our online chemistry class 11th today and improve your knowledge.